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World Shift2020 実行委員会勉強会


Agenda for SDGs ×World Shift2020

1. Date and time: October 5, 2019 10:00-21:00

2. Location: UNU 1F Annex

3. Agenda

Guest Speaker: Mr. Furusawa Koyu , Professor, Kokugakuin UniversityInformation sharing on the progress of SDGs and international move Preparation for world Shift 2020 symposium scheduled on April 2020 at UNUCreating a roadmap for SDG goals to 2030 goals

4. Schedule

 14:00-16:00 Open dialogue within participants and visitors

 (socialization and exchange of opinions within participants and individuals

invited through SNS&WEB)

 16:00-18:00 Break

 18:00-18:10 Opening greeting

18:10-19:00 Information sharing on SDGs

19:00-20:30 Preparatory discussion for world Shift 2020

       Creating a roadmap for SDG goals to 2030 goals

20:30-21:00 Summary, Confirm action items and next agendas

21:00-22:00 Clean-up

5. Organizer

・General incorporated association MEGV preparation committee

Since the fall of 2018, members of the Earth Day Tokyo Founder Team, Future Vision Project Team and CePiC became the center, and while exchanging opinion with UN University members, as a “Community to pursue sustainability that no one will be left behind” with the aim of creating a venue for Real (SDGs Innovation HUB) and Cyber (MOTHER EARTH with Geo Voice), we launched MOTHER EARTH with Geo Voice for SDGs Innovation HUB (MEGV). Then, on May 30, 2019, MEGV was established in Shibuya-ku.


・World Shift 2020 Forum Executive Committee

In September 2009, “World Shift” is a continuation of the “Budapest Club”, a world scientist conference such as system philosopher Dr. Irvine Laszlo and former President Gorbachev to respond to the global financial and economic crisis and environmental problems. This is a global movement that began with an urgent proposal for a shift to a possible society (WorldShift).

Based on changes in awareness and behavior at the individual level, crossing national borders and ethnic barriers, and politics and business leadership, civic sector, media, etc., all sectors are transcended, and world shifts together. The goal is to promote social shifts by making recommendations.

http://worldshift.org/, https://www.worldshift.jp/

6.Guest Speaker

 Furusawa Koyu

  Professor, Kokugakuin University, Faculty of Economics Department of Economic Networking, (Research Field Environmental Socioeconomics, Global Environment / Ecology Issues, Agricultural Economics, NGO / NPO / Cooperative Theory)



Representative Director of MOTHER EARTH Inc.

General incorporated association MEGV Co-representative and secretary general

Director of Earth Day Tokyo

Head of World Shift 2020 Executive Committee